Welcome to  Ohakune Primary School. We are a New Entrant to year eight school.

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Fit    Mount   Rugby


Our school is unique in that our Mountain is only 18 kilometres away

and offers stunning views with a real outdoor feel.

Our Yr 4-8 students  enjoy  one ski/board day per  week  for each week in term 3.

Those who have the ability and potential with skiing/snowboarding  have the chance

to develop their skills further in the academy teams.


We keep the school and community up to date with information using Twitter and our

school newsletters.

Twitter accounts. For those of you who want to be able to receive regular updated  

information then we encourage you to sign up.

Click on the link below for instructions.

twitter instructions




For safety reasons we ask that the school be notified of the reason for every absence as soon as possible. Parents are encouraged to contact the school. Any child not accounted for will be followed up by a phone call from our Administration Officer or a Truancy officer for safety reasons. After the absence it is also important to send a note to explain the absence, for our records. It is sometimes necessary for parents to take children home during school hours.  Please advise the classroom teacher. No child is allowed to leave the school grounds, during school time, unless they have written permission or a phone call from their parent/caregivers and have notified their Teacher or the Office staff. All parents are required to sign out if taking children early from the school grounds – you can do so by going to the office.

Appointments with Class Teachers

We have an open door policy. Teachers are happy to discuss pupil’s progress at any time during the year.  However, for specific needs we ask that you phone the classroom teacher either before or after school, to make an appointment.


Each 2nd Friday we have an assembly! They commence at 2.10pm. All parents/caregivers and friends of our school are welcome to come along and celebrate our children’s success. These assemblies are on even weeks – 2,4,6,8, & 10. We encourage you to read the newsletter to ensure you know which classes are involved so that your child feels supported at school.

Board Of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school, which is elected by parents and caregivers.  The voting and election is split every 18mths where 3 – 4 representatives are required.  It includes the following members: Elected Parent representatives, Elected Staff representative, and the Principal.

The Board, in consultation with the community, decides what direction the school will take this is set down in our Charter. The Board normally holds one meeting per month. These meetings are advertised in our school newsletters. You may attend these meetings or you could read the minutes which are held in the school office.


The school uses Go Bus and Dempsey as their providers. Each bus has a set route. Raetihi and Waiouru school bus has a charge of 54cents per trip – bus tickets are available at the office for $5:40. Dempsey Raetihi bus charges are $3:00 per day return and are available from Dempsey Buses in Raetihi. It is best to contact the bus companies directly: 385 4022 Dempsey – John. 385 9411 Go Bus – Richard.

Each child that travels on the bus will need to respect the rules which are simple – listening to the bus driver and to remain seated at all times.

Class Organisation

At present our school has 11 classes. We operate a composite class system.

The organisation for 2014 is as follows:

Blair Dravitski                        Principal

Junior School

Koren    Loots                                           Years 0 / 1            Teacher                                                     Room 9

Grace Batley                                             Year 1/2                   Teacher                                                  Room 10

Christine Johns                                        Year 1                    Teacher                                                     Room 11

Helene Dobson                                         Year 2                    Teacher                                                    Room 12

Suzi Couch                                                 Year 3                   Team Leader  (Deputy Principal)        Room 14


Senior School

Bridget Heffernan                                  Years 5/6                  Teacher                                                 Room 7

Mary Macdonald                                    Years 6                      Teacher                                                 Room 8

Ali Whale                                                 Year 7/8                     Teacher                                                S Block
Rose Martin                                            Year 7/8                     Teacher                                                S Block
Vanessa Murphy                                   Year 7/8                    Teacher                                                S Block

Support Staff

Melanie Veronese                                                                     Reading Recovery

Jude Calder                                                                                Teacher Aide/Librarian
Jane Parker                                                                                Teacher Aide
Janita Van Rensburg                                                                Teacher Aide

Donna Summerhayes                                                               Office Administrator
Michelle Fredericksen                                                              Accounts Manager


Classroom and Playground Behaviour

We all want the best for our children.  It is important that you take the time to work through this with your child.  We all want to create a learning environment that is supportive, safe and enjoyable to learn in. Our school is currently on the Positive Behaviour for Learning programme and we recognise all children who are behaving positively in the school by rewarding those who are caught doing positive things.


Class Trips

From time to time classes will go on trips and visits to places of interest.  These are usually to enhance the learning that is going on in classrooms and as such are very valuable experiences.  We will give you plenty of notice and your help is always welcomed. As a rule all notices regarding classroom trips will come out each term with a term planner. Staff will inform each student and family by newsletter and a class permission trip.



Please ensure all clothing worn to school is named. There is a lost property bin outside the library that can be checked if your child has lost something. Once per term all lost property will be washed and placed into the uniform shop for resale.

Clothing / Standard of Dress

The school has a compulsory uniform, which includes a school hat. We encourage a change of shorts and Tee shirt for seniors during all Physical Education and sporting activities. Uniforms at our school require dark shoes and school socks from 2013. No child will be permitted to wear anything other than school uniform. If, for any reason, a child is not in uniform we require a note from home stating the reason why a uniform is not being worn.

The school uniform can be purchased from the front office during school hours, or you can visit the Uniform shop on Mondays at 2:30-3:30 pm.


We would appreciate hearing about things while they are small problems so they can be dealt with early and effectively.  In most cases the first line of inquiry should be with the class teacher. There is a Complaints Procedure, which can be given to you – please email the principal.


Dental Therapist

Our school has a fixed dental clinic open all year round, with reduced opening hours when the therapist visits Raetihi and National Park Schools twice a year.

We have a Dental Therapist and Dental Assistant; they can be contacted on 385 8195

The clinic is closed during school holidays and emergency treatment is available at the following local dental surgeries;

Taihape Dental Centre                      06 388 2029
Whanganui District Health Board 06 348 3120
Ruapehu Dental Excellence            07 895 8236

Enrolment Requirements

The enrolling of new pupils is done through the Principal and Administration Officer.  Prospective New Entrants are encouraged to attend afternoon sessions on suitable days prior to enrolment. This is an opportunity to meet the teacher and classmates, whilst becoming familiar with school routines.

We do require the following information so that enrolment procedures can be completed:

  • Iwi affiliation
  • Copy of birth Certificate or Passport
  • Residential address and telephone number, with an emergency contact
  • Name of family doctor and permission form for emergency purposes
  • Serious illness, allergies and significant health problems.

There are also a few other permission forms for you to sign on enrolment, e.g.

  • Internet Safety / web site
  • Bus user agreement
  • Medical / Dental information

 First Aid

First Aid is administered to all minor injuries as is appropriate.  In the event of a serious injury, every endeavour will be made to contact the parent or emergency contact number.  If this is not possible the child’s doctor will be contacted and their instructions followed.  In all cases of injury, the comfort and well being of the child will always be top priority.


Our School believes ‘Homework’ is a valuable tool for learning and encourages parents / caregivers to support your children in these activities. Each classroom varies with homework thinking and we encourage you to contact your classroom teacher about this.


The local Ohakune Kindergarten is open 5 days a week from 8.45am – 2.45pm. The Kindergarten phone number is 385 8383.


Our Library is available to children for borrowing books. As books can be brought home it is important that they are looked after as damage or loss will be charged for.


The School offers no school lunches, however from time to time sausage sizzles are organised by the PTA. Order forms are sent out, we then require you to send them in with the correct change/amount to the classroom teacher.

We encourage healthy eating and discourage treats such as chocolate and fizzy drink being brought for lunch. Lollies and chewing gum are not permitted at school. We are a school that believes in water only for students for drinking.

Manual/Technology Classes

Year 7 & 8 pupils attend technology based experiences.  Our children attend 75 hours a year. The amount of extra costs required to have these experiences is separate to normal school operations.


Medicines may be sent to school to ensure continuity of courses of drugs or medication to be administered.  A Medication Agreement available from the office must be filled in and signed by a parent/caregiver.  Please ensure all medication is clearly labelled with name and dosage.

Infectious Conditions

If your child contracts nits, school sores, conjunctivitis, or any other infectious disease – please keep them away from school until cleared by a Doctor, in the case of nits treated correctly.  Please also notify the school as to the condition so we can reduce the spread if possible – see the attached information.



Every Wednesday a newsletter is sent home with the eldest or only child attending school.  This is a great way of sharing what is going on in the school with you.  We are happy to include any relevant community news. It is also posted on the Website on the day. We ask that you read this and keep up to date with relevant information.

Parent Help

Ohakune School welcomes parents helping out in the classrooms. If you would like to help in classrooms please discuss this with the classroom teacher or Principal.


Everyone is encouraged to park outside our school and use road crossing patrolled by Road Wardens. Please do not make children cross the road during pick ups and drop offs unsupervised – regardless of age. We also encourage those with vehicles to allow buses to go ahead of them during 8:30-8:45 and 3:00-3:30.

Reporting to Parents

We have two formal three way conferences opportunities each year, normally in Term two and and Term four.  These conferences are a time for all parents to see what is going on in childrens lives and for you to develop a good relationship with the teachers. Should you have any concerns during the year, please contact the classroom teacher to arrange an interview.

School Activity Payment

Our School encourages Parents / Caregivers to pay school fees which are set at $40 per child or $70 for a family. 

School Hours

Children may start arriving at school at 8.15am

Bell times are as follows:


8.45am                                                   School Opens

10.00am – 10.30am.                           Morning Break

11.45pm – 12.30pm                              Sitting and eating lunch in supervised area

1:30pm-2.00pm                                   Afternoon Break

3.00pm                                                   School Ends

The buses arrive at school at approximately 8.30am and leaves around 3.10pm each day.

We ask that children leave the school grounds when the last bus leaves.


Our school, as with all public venues, is smoke free. This covers the grounds and the buildings.


Children may purchase items, as they are required, after their initial order in Term 1. Take Note in Ohakune stock all of our stationery requirements and supports our school with a commission on sales.

 Snow Sport

Every third term of each year the senior school from year 4 up to year 8 ascent on the mountain for skiing or snowboard skills. RAL (Ruapehu Alpine Lifts) are very generous with their support to the school and offer our school reduced rates for our children. Weather dependent, students will be given five days of skiing or boarding in term three. The normal costs for each session is around $40.00 per session – which includes transportation and gear hire age. If your child skis or snowboards and has their gear this will be deducted from that amount. If they have season passes – this then is extra time for them to ski!!!

Fundraising for skiing and snowboarding; During term two, children are given the option of raising funds for their ski/snowboard sessions. Traditionally this has been selling chocolates and most children sell enough to cover all costs for their five days. For $200 for five sessions it is very cheap and very accessible.

Michelle in the office manages most of the finance around snow sports and we encourage you to talk to her about arranging payments to the school to cover costs for this privilege. Arrangements can be made to pay off over a longer period of time if that suits. Please discuss with us.

 Sun Hats

The wearing of our school hat is compulsory during Terms 1 & 4.  Those children who don’t have a school hat must remain in a shade area – under the front tree. Hats can be purchased from the school office for $14.00


Is taken for approximately six weeks in Terms 1, weather permitting.  Because of our environment, and curriculum requirements, it is important that everyone take part.  If for medical reasons your child is not able to take part, then please write a note of explanation to the class teacher.

Term Dates

These vary from year to year and are published early in Term 1.


When using private vehicles for class trips we need to ensure that everyone has a seat belt allocated and it is worn at all times.  All cars must have a current WOF/COF and registration and the driver must hold a current full N.Z drivers licence. This is for everyone’s safety.  Please don’t feel uncomfortable if you are asked these questions.


As teachers cannot be responsible for the custody of valuable articles, including toys, children are asked not to bring them to school.

Whanau / House groups.

We have six Whanau/House Groups in our school.

Whanau Names

Whanau encompass years 0 – 8 in the same Whanau grouping. Whanau activities and competitions are organised to encourage positive mixing between Senior and Junior students and develop team pride.  As new students come to the school they are allocated a Whanau by the Principal and office staff, using strictly the gender and year level numbers as a guide. Family members belong to the same Whanau.


Zero Waste/Environmental Education

Our school is trying to get to Zero Waste to be environmentally friendly and to keep costs down. We encourage parents to name childrens food wrappings, for follow-up reasons, and ask that wrappings  are returned home if possible.