Our Staff

Ohakune Primary School is made up of 5 Junior classrooms and 4 Senior classrooms.

We have a dedicated staff who are focused on the learners and their development as they embark on their educational journey at Ohakune Primary School.


Principal – Lisa Clark

Deputy Principal– Rose Martin

Senior Syndicate Leader – Rose Martin

Junior Syndicate Leader – Michael Bieleski

Special Needs Coordinator  – Alison Whale   (SENCO)

Classroom Teachers

Rose Martin – Years 6-8: Senior Block

Alison Whale – Years 6-8: Senior Block

Miriama Lucas-Years 6-8: Senior Block

Rene Allen- Years 6-8 : Room 14

Sarah Rowe- Years 4-5: Room 12

Michael Bieleski – Years 2-3: Room 11

Mia Foskin Years 2- 3: Room 10

Morvern Duncan- Years 2-3: Room 9

Tasha Carley- Year 1: Room 6

Heather Grant-Year 1: Room 5

Suzi Couch- New Entrants: Room 7

Maree Lilo-New Entrants: Room 7

Paula Conder- Years 4-5: Room 8

Bridget Heffernan- Reading Recovery/Release

Sophie Turney-Release

Jessica Leary-Release

Marie Milne-Release

Amanda Gurr-Release


Jude Hotter – Soft Materials

Liva Ozola-Hard Materials

Support Staff

Administration Staff

Donna Summerhays – Office Manager
Michelle Fredericksen – Accounts

Teacher Aides
Jude Calder

Amy Hawira

Jane Parker

Leanne Sherratt

Wayne Te Huia

Zane Holloway

Kate Whitehead

Kim Horne

Grounds/Cleaning staff

Steve Foster – Property Manager

Sunita Kumar – Cleaning Staff

Marissa Smith– Cleaning Staff